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Chase FLC -17%

Chase FLC

premium willowentertain with confidence at the creaseFor ultimate performance, our top of the range ..

$525.00 $435.00 Ex Tax: $435.00

Chase Platinum -15%

Chase Platinum

limited editionThe best wood available, ultimate in style and performance.Selected and graded by our..

$650.00 $550.00 Ex Tax: $550.00

Chase R11 Finback -14%

Chase R11 Finback

IDEAL FOR……the exciting all round player that’s got it all and shows his dominance at the crease fac..

$350.00 $300.00 Ex Tax: $300.00

Chase R11 Volante -14%

Chase R11 Volante

Selected from premium quality, naturally seasoned Grade 1 English Willow.Classic English bat shape w..

$350.00 $300.00 Ex Tax: $300.00

Chase R4 Finback -18%

Chase R4 Finback

Hand selected from unbleached, naturally seasoned English Willow with minor blemishes.Scooped flanks..

$225.00 $185.00 Ex Tax: $185.00

Chase R7 Volante -9%

Chase R7 Volante

The mid-low sweet spot suits both the aggressive and defensive batsman looking to time the ball to p..

$275.00 $250.00 Ex Tax: $250.00

Chase Vortex -17%

Chase Vortex

Massive profile with explosive performance for the big hitter.Exquisitely balanced and high performi..

$300.00 $250.00 Ex Tax: $250.00